Support for Families of School Aged Children on the ASD Waiting List

Northpoint provide time-limited support to parents and carers of school aged children and young people who are on the waiting list for an assessment for autism in Calderdale.

If your child is on the waiting list then you can request support by completing this simple form. Once you submit the form you can expect to be contacted within a few days to discuss what support might be helpful to you.

The service is able to offer the following:

  • individual support to parents and carers
  • strategies and problem solving techniques
  • information about resources and other helpful services

The service:

  • is not able to help in a crisis
  • is not part of the autism assessment process
  • is not able to provide information about waiting times or dates of appointment.

Please note that this form should not be used to make us aware of any risk or urgent issues as it may not be read straight away.

If you need immediate support, or if you have a query about waiting times or appointment dates, please phone Calderdale CAMHS on 01422 262 380.

We will add the information that you provide on the form to your child’s records.

Is the young person on the waiting list for an autism assessment with Calderdale CAMHS? (required)